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A direct agreement often involves changes to the underlying project documents. This is especially true for concession contracts for which the project company obtains the concession before the lenders are heavily involved. Financing often follows the award of the concession and lenders may require changes to the risk allocation in the concession contract in order to make the project bankable. Katie Liszka`s direct agreements are used in project finance operations to protect lenders in case of difficulties. These are contractual mechanisms that allow lenders to follow in the footsteps of the project company (the borrower) and take over the project and/or find a replacement unit to continue the project. The parties to the direct agreement include the project company itself and the counterparty of the project document for which the direct agreement constitutes a guarantee. ]] > There is generally no debate as to whether a direct agreement should in principle be concluded. However, it is still customary for certain provisions to be the subject of intense negotiations and it often seems that a disproportionate amount of time is spent concentrating on such a short agreement. To my knowledge, no one has intervened in a direct agreement and there would be practical difficulties in doing so, such as for example.

B the novices of all project contracts. However, direct agreements are a common practice and a standard part of a lender`s security package. Where appropriate, a direct agreement may include clauses in which the counterparty to the project document agrees to the collection or assignment as security of the project company`s rights contained in the project document. A direct agreement is an agreement that grants project lenders direct rights to certain important project documents. These rights are explained in direct agreements in the context of project financing transactions – key provisions. Direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians (2010-2011) – Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas, George J. Mitchell and Hillary Clinton, at the beginning of the direct talks, September 2, 2010. Direct negotiations have taken place between Israel and the Palestinian Authority since September 2010. . Wikipedia Direct agreements are also generally referred to as “tripartite agreements”, which reflects the fact that they are an agreement between three parties, that is: in addition to the agreement that the counterparty agrees not to terminate, if it has the right to do so in accordance with the project document, it will also accept that the step-in process may be triggered by lenders who have communicated the default of a project company under the F The Azility Commission was concluded in 1995.

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