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Ut Southwestern Hotel Agreement Rates 2020

This is not the first time that UTSW has offered to take its employees to hotels. During past ice storms, the medical center made a similar offer to employees to keep them away from the frigid roads and allow them to return to work the next morning. These special rates are available to long-term patients and their loved ones and are available. Please note that these prices are subject to applicable municipal, regional, regional and federal taxes. Please note that prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Similar agreements have been reached in other cities with more COVID-19 presence, in part as a necessary respite for employees who work 12 hours a day and 12 hours off. Instead of making a long journey home, they may crash into a nearby hotel. Those who provide direct care to COVID-19 patients can stay in hotels to keep their families away from the virus. At UT Southwestern, nurses who are involved in the care of COVID-19 patients and wish to avoid their homes can get a scholarship of US$100 per night for self-visitors in a hotel. In ten hospitals near the medical center, hotels offer negotiated discounts to UT Southwestern employees.

Many hotels are empty these days, so the discount is a way to keep them in business. “The hotels were all great,” Warner says. “You make it easier for health workers.” If you need information about hotels in the area, please contact a representative of the guest service. Several nearby hotels (PDF) offer special prices to Clements University Hospital patients and their families through a contract with UT Southwestern. Download COVID 19 hotel prices and information for patients and staff (PDF). The program is still only a few days old, and Warner didn`t have figures on how many UTSW faculties are on offer, but it says there has been a lot of positive feedback and inquiries about who qualifies. If a nurse is hospitalized and directly caring for confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients, they can benefit from the help, although other workers can turn to their supervisor to see if they are qualified. The step was a response to two factors, says Dr.

John Warner, executive vice president of health systems affairs at the SWSW. Many employees are worried about bringing the virus back to their families, some of whom may have suppressed the immune system, are older, or have another illness that makes them particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.