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Wedding Photography Agreement Sample

The photographer must provide the photo services described above for the lump sum of $19.95 (nineteen dollars and ninety-nine cents). The bride and groom agree to pay the photographer the partial payment of $10 (ten dollars) no later than 60 (sixty) days before the wedding date. The bride and groom agree to pay the balance of $9.95 (nine dollars ninety-five cents) and all additional expenses described in clause 3 below no later than 7 (seven) days after the wedding date. In the event that the marriage of the bride and groom is cancelled for any reason, the groom agrees to waive the return of the partial payment of $10. While the legal aspects of being a wedding photographer may not be the most exciting part of your job, if you`re a creative solopreneur, they`re still incredibly important. In fact, we would go so far as to say that few things are more important to a wedding photographer than a waterproof wedding photography contract. It is mainly written as a wedding photographer contract, but can also be used as an event photography contract. It is modified from the contract we use in our Lin photo studio and Jirsa, wedding photographers in Los Angeles, so there will be things that do not apply to your studio. In this download, you will find three examples of different contracts (a customer contract, a model version and our second shooter contract). Just download above, scroll down to find out which contract best suits your needs, select it and save and edit it! These examples of free contracts are designed to help you pave the way for professionalism.

This agreement protects both parties. In case things don`t go as planned and you need to settle a financial dispute in court, you have the solid reference guide above to check out. Finally, if they claim that there is a wedding photographer who violates the contractual situation, it is important that you can tick off everything you have provided as part of your defense. The law firm Rocket Lawyer has turned the process of creating your wedding photography contract template into a simple online questionnaire. The married couples listed above (the “Clients”) and the Photographer (Photographer) agree that the Photographer will provide wedding photography services as described in the tables above. This is a legally binding contract. This contract represents the complete understanding of the requirements, timing and payment terms of the wedding photography services mentioned above. If there are any disputes or actions that give rise to legal proceedings in connection with this Agreement, such acts take place in [Photographer.County], [Photographer.State] and are subject to such laws. The client assumes exclusive financial responsibility for all attorneys` fees or related costs incurred by the photographer when applying the terms of this wedding photography contract.. . . .